I am a country girl, born in Wellington, in the Boland. Looking back I now realise my mother was way ahead of her time in her sense of style. In 1960, our little shuttered cottage in Wellington town was painted Mediterranean pink with two of the patio walls a deep Sienna – very Byblos…

She was a passionate and talented gardener and was having me arrange flowers at the age of 7. My grandmother who lived in a beautiful Victorian house down the road, had an acre of garden which I circumnavigated with her as a little girl, picking pink guavas from the trees surrounding the tennis court (gravel) and eating ripe strawberries from her strawberry patch, after which we discussed, thoroughly, Queen Elizabeth, Peace, Alex’s Red and the rest of her exquisite old roses.

My mother went on to build a total of 10 houses in her lifetime….. in Somerset West and then Hermanus. And always a new beautiful garden. I have in my garden plants that have descended down 3 generations.

After matriculating from Rhenish Girls school in Stellenbosch. I registered as a student at the university there and proceeded to get a IMG_2376B.A.HTD with english as my major. My digs in my 4th year was furnished in old seaside furniture bought at an auction in Hermanus . I duly painted everything white and with a large old persian underfoot and red accents to contrast the white, I created my first home. Much of that furniture still presides in our homes today although the colour might have changed to dusky greys….

My silent dream was always to be a DECORATOR, but to get there I went via being an english teacher, wine consultant, Clarins area manger and eventually got married and renovated our first home in Newlands. After that I redid my husband’s firm’s boardroom and then things snowballed and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, self taught but with strong matriarchial influences, I became not only a design consultant, but a serial house builder. Our homes are my canvas and we are proud to let them to visitors to enjoy them like we do…

This website is an expression of all that I love….. houses, gardens and flower arranging.